What does it cost to list or rent out a property on BoligPortal?

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With a free user account on BoligPortal, you can list and rent out your property for free. Get started here

It is 100% free to create and advertise your rental property with us, and you can even create free digital rental contracts, collect rent, and use our move-in and move-out inspection tool free of charge.

This ensures you have an easy, transparent, and secure rental experience, regardless of your experience with property rentals.

Our customer service is also available seven days a week to help you get started.


Optional Enhancements on BoligPortal

It's completely free to advertise and rent out your property on BoligPortal, but you have the option to purchase various products that can enhance your rental process.

Purchase exposure packages to rent out your property faster

If you wish, or if you want to speed up your rental, you always have the option to purchase various exposure packages, including the opportunity to be featured at the top of search results, be shared on BoligPortal's Facebook pages, and be included in email communications directly in the inboxes of property seekers.

Read more about your exposure options here.

Optimize and grow your rental business with rental data

If you have a rental business, you have the option to purchase different packages with targeted rental data.

  • Get insights into rental prices down to the street level
  • Target your listings based on tenant demand
  • Compare your properties to the rest of the market

Read more about rental data here.



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