Why is my property marked as reserved?

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If you experience that your rental has been marked as reserved, even though you haven't taken any action yourself, it's because we at BoligPortal have reserved – and thus temporarily deactivated – your ad.

However, we always try to contact our landlords before marking active ads as reserved. If your ad has been reserved by us, you have likely overlooked or not responded to one or more emails from us.

Therefore, we recommend checking your email for a message from BoligPortal, sent from info@boligportal.dk. Remember to check your spam filter.


What is the reason for BoligPortal marking my ad as reserved or rented out?

We have questions about your ad or rental
If, for one reason or another, we at BoligPortal become aware of a problem or challenge with your ad, we will always contact you by email with follow-up questions, asking you to respond.

If you do not respond to these emails, we will mark your ad as reserved until we hear from you.

Your ad has been active for more than 120 days
When an ad exceeds 120 days of exposure on BoligPortal, we will contact you by email, asking you to consider whether your ad is still valid and relevant.

If your ad has been active for more than 120 days, and you have not responded to our inquiries about this, we will automatically mark your ad as rented 14 days after our contact attempt.

This is a security measure, as you are responsible for marking your rental as rented out on BoligPortal.

You can always change your ad status – for example, from rented to active – by clicking on 'Advertise rental' from your property under 'Advertised rentals'.


If you have questions, feel free to contact customer service.



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