Can I use BoligPortal's app as a landlord?

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When your advertised rental properties, rental contracts etc. are not found on the BoligPortal app, it's because landlords are unable to view, create, or edit their rental properties using the app. 

The app is designed for housing seekers, indicating that as a landlord, your primary use of the app would be to review and respond to inquiries from prospective tenants. 

Therefore, there are no additional versions of the app, nor is there an option to switch between an app tailored for housing seekers, and one for landlords. Instead, you can utilize its mobile-friendly version of


Get full overview in the browser

We recommend using BoligPortal through your web browser when managing your rental properties. You can easily do so using your tablet or mobile. The site will automatically switch to a mobile-optimized version. 

Below, you can see a series of examples of how your user profile appears when you log in via your mobile or tablet.




When you log in through the browser on your phone or tablet, you can view all rentables and your advertised rentables, just as you can access your digital rental contracts. 


Add to home screen

If you want to quickly and easily access your BoligPortal profile, you can add a shortcut to BoligPortal on your home screen. 

In this way, you will get an icon on your home screen that opens BoligPortal with a single tap. 









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