When and how can I terminate my rentable?

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When you can terminate your rental property depends on the specific conditions outlined in your lease agreement.

If you're renting a property for an unspecified period, you will typically have a notice period of three months. If you're only renting a room, the notice period is usually one month.

 In the case of subletting or fixed-term leases, the rental agreement is typically non-terminable during the agreed-upon period. The rental agreement automatically ends when the agreed-upon period expires. In this case, neither the tenant nor the landlord needs to terminate the agreement.

Can my landlord terminate me as a tenant?

If you're renting a property for an unspecified period, your landlord cannot terminate you as a tenant unless you breach the agreements you've signed in the lease contract. An example of a breach of the lease contract's agreements could be if, as a tenant, you fail to pay rent or significantly violate the rules and house regulations of the rental property.

Can my landlord terminate me if they sell the property?

A landlord cannot terminate you just because they want to sell the property you're renting. The landlord is allowed to sell the property, but in this case, you, as the tenant, will be included in the sale to the new buyer. If you experience an unjust termination of your lease due to the sale of the property, we encourage you to seek legal assistance for advice tailored to your situation. Please note that BoligPortal cannot provide legal advice or assistance.

Can a landlord make a lease contract non-terminable?

It is entirely legal for a landlord to make a lease agreement non-terminable for a certain period, as long as the non-termination period is reasonable. The non-termination period applies to both the tenant and the landlord. This means that neither party can terminate the lease contract during the agreed-upon non-termination period.

For example, if an 8-month non-termination period is agreed upon, the lease cannot be terminated during the first 8 months of the rental period. After the first 8 months have passed, the lease can be terminated as long as the agreed-upon notice period is observed. (However, if an 8-year non-termination period is required, it would be considered an unreasonable termination requirement).

How do I terminate my rental property?

In most cases, landlords prefer to receive all terminations in writing to have proper documentation. However, you will likely find a specific agreement on how to terminate your lease and the length of the notice period in your lease contract.



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