How do I delete a rental contract on BoligPortal?

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Important: Rental contracts are currently exclusively a service that we at BoligPortal offer in Danish, as it involves a Danish legal document (Typeformular A10 contract) that is valid only in its Danish form. Therefore, you will find that parts of this guide are in Danish.

If you use BoligPortal to fill out, send, and manage your lease agreements / rental contracts, you can easily delete them from your overview. However, there is a difference in how you should proceed depending on whether the contract in question is in draft format, sent for signature, or already signed.

Note: If you delete a rental contrant that has been signed by all parties, all content associated with the lease agreement will also be deleted. This includes house rules, authorizations for utility companies, energy labels, and any attachments.

The deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.
BoligPortal disclaims all responsibility for the recovery of deleted files and information.

In this guide:


How to delete a lease agreement draft

You delete your drafts by finding the respective draft under the 'Rental contracts' (Lejekontrakter) tab and then clicking on the three dots followed by 'Slet' (Delete).


How to delete a lease agreement sent for signature

You cannot delete a rental contract that has been sent for signature, as it is considered to be in process in the system. Instead, you need to cancel the signature request and then edit or delete the contract.

To cancel a signature request, go to the 'Rental contracts' (Lejekontrakter) tab and select 'Afventer underskrift' (Awaiting signature).

Then find the specific rental contract on the list and click on 'Gå til oversigt' (Go to overview).

In the overview, simply click on the 'Annuller anmodning' (Cancel request) button.

After canceling the signature request for the rental contract, it can be deleted or edited as desired.

When you cancel the signature request for the contract, the link that your tenant receives to access and sign the contract will become invalid.

To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, we recommend that you contact the tenant with any new instructions if you cancel the signature request.


How to delete a rental contract signed by all parties

If you want to delete a signed rental contract, you can follow one of two methods:

You can go to 'Rental contracts' (Lejekontrakter) and find the specific contract under the 'Underskrevet' (Signed) tab, then simply click on the three vertical dots followed by 'Slet' (Delete).

You can also delete the rental contract by clicking on 'Gå til oversigt' (Go to overview), then clicking on 'Slet lejekontrakt' (Delete rental contract) at the bottom of the overview. 


Important information regarding the deletion of a signed rental contract

When you delete a signed rental contract from your profile on BoligPortal, this action is permanent and cannot be undone.

At BoligPortal, we cannot recreate the contract or otherwise restore all or parts of the deleted contract, including attachments, authorizations, energy labels, addendums, or similar documents.

A signed rental contract is a legally binding document. Deleting or modifying the document from your profile on BoligPortal does not alter the lease agreement you and the tenant may have entered into in the contract.

The tenant will still have access to the signed documents in their tenant portal. At BoligPortal, we always advise all parties to keep a copy of all legal agreement documents – including lease agreements, move-in inspection reports, authorizations, and the like – elsewhere to ensure proper documentation in the future. Therefore, be aware that the tenant still has access to the signed rental contract.



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