Where can I find the contract for my rental property?

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When using BoligPortal's 'Free Digital Rental Contract' as a landlord, all rental contracts are saved on your BoligPortal user profile.


How to find your rental contract as a landlord:

  1. Log in with email and password on BoligPortal.dk 
  2. Press your profile picture in the top right corner, and select 'Rental contracts'

          Find your rental contracts in your profile on BoligPortal.png    

  3. In your profile, you can see all created rental contracts. This includes both signed rental contracts, drafts and rental contracts awaiting signature from the tenant.

    Find alle dine lejekontrakter i profilen på BoligPortal.png


Note: Since BoligPortal exclusively offers the Danish legally valid rental contracts, the tool for creation and administration is also only available in Danish, as reflected in this guide. If you need assistance with creating, filling out or any other related tasks, you are always welcome to contact our customer service


Where does the tenant find the rental contract? 

When the tenant has signed the rental contract through BoligPortal's Digital Rental Contract, the tenant receive an email with a link to the signed contract.

The link leads to the personal tenant portal, where the contract can be downloaded.

If you are a tenant, or if your tenant cannot find the signed rental contract, you can read more about how the tenant finds the rental contract.





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