How do I remove a rent collection?

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If you wish to stop or delete a rent payment – whether it is a single collection or the entire rent collection – you can easily manage it within the relevant tenancy.


In this guide, we will go through


How to remove a single rent collection

If you want to delete a single collection, for example, if your tenant does not need to pay for the last month’s rent, you just need to do the following:

  1. Find the relevant tenancy and go to the payment overview under the tenant.

  2. Go to the relevant payment month on the list and click on the three dots on the side.
  3. Click 'Delete payment'.
    This stops the entire month's rent collection – including all associated payments, such as on-account consumption.

    If you only want to remove parts of your rent collection, for example, if you are giving the tenant a discount on their rent but still want to collect on-account consumption, you should follow this guide instead.      

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Note: This deletes the entire specified payment. If you delete the payment by mistake or regret the deletion, you will need to stop the entire rent collection and restart it. This also means that the tenant will need to approve the payment agreement with MobilePay again if you collect rent automatically via MobilePay*.


How to stop all future rent collections

If you want to stop your entire rent collection completely, so all future payments are deleted, you need to do the following:

  1. Find the relevant tenancy and go to the 'Rent' tab 

  2. Click 'Stop collection of rent'.


  3. Specify when the tenant should pay their last rent.
    For example, if the tenant is moving out at the end of September and has paid one month’s prepaid rent upon moving in, you choose August as the last payment month. 

  4. Confirm by clicking 'Stop collection of rent'.

It is always possible to restart the rent collection by clicking 'Start rent again'.

If the tenant has used automatic rent payment via MobilePay*, they will need to sign up for this service again.



*Note: Please be aware that it is no longer possible to create new payment agreements with MobilePay. This is due to changes in MobilePay's terms. It is only possible to use MobilePay for automatic rent collection if you have created the payment agreement before March 12, 2024.




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