Can I use automatic rent collection if I do not have a VAT number (CVR)?

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To use automatic rent collection on BoligPortal via Betalingsservice (Danish Electronic Payment Service), it is necessary to have a CVR number / VAT number. 

However, you can always use manual collection via bank transfer through BoligPortal, whether you have a CVR number or not. 

Here you have the option to manually indicate whether the tenant has paid their rent or not, and you can use the reconciliation tool to see your arrears, your upcoming payments, and how much you have collected in total. 


Why do you need a CVR number for automatic rent collection?

When you want to use automatic rent collection via Betalingsservice, it is necessary to have a business account with Betalingsservice. 

It is therefore a requirement from Betalingsservice that you have an active CVR number to be able to create a business account. 

Therefore, unfortunately, you can only use these two options if you have a CVR number. 


What is a CVR number and how do I get one?

A CVR number (Centrale Virksomhedsregister-nummer, translated Central Business Register number) is a unique identification code assigned to legal entities and businesses in Denmark.

The CVR number is used to identify businesses to authorities and other companies, and it is necessary to carry out various business activities – including creating business accounts with payment providers in Denmark, including Betalingsservice.

You can apply to register a business and get a CVR number at Virk / Business in Denmark 



Note: At BoligPortal, we are not involved in the creation or administration of CVR/VAT numbers. If you have any questions regarding this, we recommend that you contact Virk / Business in Denmark



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