How do I switch data provider to BoligPortal?

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This article explains how to switch the data provider to BoligPortal on an existing BS agreement with Betalingsservice (PBS). This will allow you to collect rent with automatic payments and FI payment cards through Betalingsservice via BoligPortal.

You can find the Betalingsservice form for data provider switch here (in danish). This page also includes a more detailed guide with explanations of each term. Here, we will go through the process in a simplified and clear manner.


How to make BoligPortal your data provider

  • Go to the form Skift dataleverandør hos Betalingsservice (Switch data provider at Betalingsservice) - Go to the form here.

  • In the section Oplysninger om kreditoraftale (Information about the creditor agreement), enter your company's information in the mandatory fields:


    • "CVR nr." = Company number
    • "Firmanavn" = Company name
    • "PBS nr." = PBS number 
    • "Kontaktperson" = Contact person
    • "E-mail" = Company e-mail
    • "Telefonnr." = Telephone number 

  • Then, go to the section Dataleverandør (Data provider) and enter BoligPortal's CVR number (26722535) and official company name (BoligPortal A/S).


  • If you are not the contact person or authorized signatory for your company's creditor agreement at Betalingsservice, you need to attach a completed power of attorney in the Fuldmagt (Power of Attorney) section.

  • Proceed to the section Supplerende oplysninger og dokumentation (Supplementary information and documentation) and copy and paste the following Danish text exactly as shown here:

    - Daglige 602 med alle transtyper
    - Løbende 603 med til- og afgange
    - Daglig 621
    - Daglig udveksling af alle typer 605-leverancer med til- og afmelding af BS-aftaler
    - Ved dataleverandørskiftet: en 603 leverance med alle aktive aftaler



  • Insert and complete your request to switch data provider to BoligPortal by clicking Send.

Are you already receiving your FI payments through Betalingsservice?

You don't need to take any further action.

Do you retrieve your FI payments via online banking?
Immediately after receiving notification from Betalingsservice that they have changed the data provider, contact your bank and ask them to change your FI creditor to FI-advising via Nets/PBS.


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