How do I connect Betalingsservice to my rent collection through BoligPortal?

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On BoligPortal, you can automate your rent collection by linking Betalingsservice (Danish Electronic Payment Service) to your rental payments.

This reduces your workload – and the risk of oversights – for you as a landlord and ensures timely payment every month.

Important: This guide requires that you have a PBS number, FI number, and debtor group number.

To be able to collect rent via Betalingsservice, you must have an active Betalingsservice agreement with BoligPortal as the data provider.


How to set up Betalingsservice for rent collection on BoligPortal  

  1. Log in to your BoligPortal profile and go to 'Settings'.

  2. Click on 'Rent' and find the 'Betalingsservice' field

  3. Enter your company’s PBS number, debtor group number, and FI number.

    You can find your PBS number and debtor group number in your Betalingsservice agreement

    The FI number is provided by your bank

  4. Click on 'Connect Betalingsservice →'
  5. Check that all information is correct, and finish by clicking 'Save changes'

When you have set up and confirmed your information, the setup must now be approved through BoligPortal and Betalingsservice.

Once the setup is confirmed and your account is linked to Betalingsservice, you will receive a confirmation message on the page. You will also receive an email from BoligPortal about this.

When the account is linked, you are ready to set up rent collection with Betalingsservice for your tenants under 'Rent collection' in the menu on the left.




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