How do I find the right tenant?

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Finding the right tenant for your rental property can be both a lengthy and time-consuming process — but fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.

In general, we can say that the better and more comprehensive the listing you create for your property, the more applications you will receive, and the faster the process will be for you.

That being said, we have a variety of features to make the selection process easier for you when finding a tenant who fits your specific preferences.

Only display messages from prospective tenants who meet your criteria

In BoligPortal's inbox feature, you can apply various search filters to quickly view inquiries from individuals who match your requirements.

You can filter based on age, occupation, family structure, preferences regarding pets, smoking habits, and much more.

If you use the flag function, where you consistently assign color codes to your inquiries, such as indicating whether they should be invited for a viewing or receive a rejection, you can also filter based on flags.

You insert filters directly into the inbox in the top right corner of the overview, as shown in the image below. Afterward, you simply check your requirements in the boxes and click on the orange button at the bottom, indicating how many inquiries match your search.


Find and contact your next tenant among our active housing seekers

If you haven't found the right tenant among your inquiries in the inbox, you can always explore our many active housing seekers. Simply click on the 'Find Tenant' tab in the blue sidebar, after which you need to select the property for which you want to find a tenant.

Note: It's only possible to find tenants if you have an active property listing on BoligPortal. All your active listings will automatically appear here.

Afterward, you will be presented with a list of all the active housing seekers on BoligPortal who are looking for properties like yours. The list is based on the housing seekers' active SearchAgents (their saved searches).

Read more about the Find Tenant feature here. 



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