How does BoligPortal's messaging system work?

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At BoligPortal, we have designed a messaging system specifically to make your rental management clear, smooth, and, most importantly, 100% secure.


Easy communication with BoligPortal's messaging system


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BoligPortal has the most complete tenant profiles in the rental market, so your inbox is specifically designed to use this information, allowing you to quickly find the perfect tenant – and efficiently sort out unwanted candidates.

✓ No clutter in the inbox
Automatic sorting of all inquiries

✓ Fast responses with standard messages
Send invitations, rejections, and much more with one click

✓ Sorting and categorization
View only applicants that meet your requirements and preferences

✓ Targeted tenant search 
Find tenants looking specifically for your type of property

✓ Easy communication on all devices
View, read, and respond to messages, no matter where you are

✓ No worries about data security
All communication is handled and stored correctly 


Automatic sorting of all inquiries

When potential tenants contact you through BoligPortal, all messages will automatically be sorted under the respective rental property. This provides you with a quick overview of the inquiries for each listing and ensures that no rental applications get lost in the crowd.

See how many inquiries there are for each rental property, get an overview of previous inquiries for rented-out properties, and receive automatic notifications about new inquiries – all collected in one place.



Quick responses with standard messages

Send rejections, viewing invitations, information, or something entirely different to your applicants with just a few clicks.

With BoligPortal's messaging system, you can create personalized standard messages or use our standard messages for one or more applicants at the same time.

  • Select the applicant(s) you want to write to - either manually or though flag sorting. 
  • Choose a standard message from the list 
  • Send message


Full focus on qualified applicants with filtering 

Spend time and energy only on the best and most qualified applicants.

The messaging system allows you to find the most qualified applicants with just a few clicks. This way, you avoid manually screening all inquiries, see only applicants who meet all requirements, and can send standard rejections to those who are not relevant to you.

  • Select the relevant rental property in the inbox
  • Choose filters - applicant type, age, employment, pets, family type, and much more
  • Then you will only see messages from applicants who match your requirements


Targeted tenant search

Actively seek out your future tenants. If you haven't received enough inquiries for a rental property, you have the full ability to actively present your listing to tenants whose profiles and housing preferences match your rental property.

  • Select your rental property
  • Choose filters – applicant type, age, employment, pets, family type, and much more

  • Write directly to applicants who are specifically looking for your type of property



Easy communication on all devices

View and respond to your inquiries even when you're on the go. You can always access your inbox on BoligPortal from your computer, tablet, and mobile via or directly in the BoligPortal app.

Unless you actively chooses not to, you will always receive direct email notifications when there are new inquiries – and if you use the app, you will also receive notifications when new applicants arrive.




Full data protection and security

In the communication between you and the tenants, many sensitive pieces of information will be in play – both in the initial dialogues and especially in the exchange of information regarding the rental contract and much more.

Therefore, BoligPortal's messaging system ensures that all communication is managed, protected, and stored in accordance with GDPR legislation. This minimizes the risk of security breaches, data leaks, and misuse, providing you with complete peace of mind in your communication.



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