Why has money been withdrawn from my account?

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It is free to have a user profile on BoligPortal, but to contact landlords on the website, you need to purchase a subscription.

During the registration, you have chosen a subscription with automatic renewal, which is why you have been automatically charged for the new period.

For new users, we offer a special introductory offer of 29 DKK for 24-hour access, which then automatically continues at our regular subscription price of 349 DKK every 28 days.

We provide this subscription terms information before payment, as shown in the images below. You have also accepted these terms when completing the payment.




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When you subscribe with us, you enter into a standard ongoing agreement. This means that the subscription will continue until you cancel it. Simply stopping the payments is not a sufficient cancellation method.

You can always find the date and time of your next subscription renewal on your payment receipt, which you received via email after payment, as well as on your profile under the Subscription tab. Therefore, remember to cancel your subscription before the renewal deadline. It is not possible to cancel with retroactive effect.

If you wish to cancel your subscription read this guide:  How do I cancel my subscription?


Frequently asked questions

What does ongoing subscription mean?

A ongoing subscription means that your subscription automatically continues until you actively terminate the agreement – that is, cancel the subscription.

How do I know if I have an active subscription?
You can check if you have an active subscription by logging into your user profile and clicking on your name and profile picture in the top right corner. Then go to the Subscription tab, where you will see if you have an active subscription.

NOTE: If you do not have an active subscription but are still being charged, the most common reason is that you might have created a profile and subscription using a different email address. If you have multiple email addresses, please try logging into your profile with those and check if there are any active subscriptions associated with them.
When is my subscription being renewed?
You can always find the date and time of your next renewal on your user profile under Subscription as well as in your payment receipt, which you received via email.
Will I receive a notification when my subscription is renewed?

No, you will not receive a notification before your subscription is renewed. However, you can always find the date and time of the next charge under Subscription in your user profile.

Can I cancel my subscription retroactively?

No, it is not possible to cancel your subscription retroactively. It is your own responsibility to cancel your subscription before the specific renewal time.

These terms apply to all our users, and it is not possible to be exempted from them.

Can I cancel my subscription by rejecting the payments?

No, it does not count as a cancellation or termination of your subscription if you simply reject the payment in the system or if the payment does not go through due to insufficient funds on your payment card. In this case, the system will attempt to withdraw the funds again later until the payment is successful.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must remember to properly unsubscribe from your user profile. Your unsubscription is successful when you receive a confirmation receipt via email.

Where can I find BoligPortal's terms of use?

You can find BoligPortal's terms of use here




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