Do I have the right to regret my subscription?

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As a customer of BoligPortal, you always have the statutory right of withdrawal within 14 days when purchasing a subscription. However, there are specific requirements and conditions that you need to comply with in order to exercise your right of withdrawal.


Terms for your 14-day right of withdrawal:

The right of withdrawal starts from the time of purchase – not from any renewal date.

  • The right of withdrawal starts from the date you place your order for any subscription on the BoligPortal website.
  • Any promotional periods and renewals of your subscription are included in the 14 days. The right of withdrawal is not renewed upon subsequent renewal of the subscription because it is the same product with ongoing subscription payments.

Your right of withdrawal lapses as soon as you start using your subscription

  • Your right to cancel your subscription is only valid if you do not use your subscription in any way.
  • This means that your right of withdrawal lapses:
    • Upon the first login to your paid product
    • Upon filling out a search profile
    • Upon contacting a landlord
    • Upon advertising a vacant rental property.

By placing your order and making payment for a subscription on BoligPortal, you have accepted BoligPortal's terms and agreed that the right of withdrawal ceases when the use of the subscription begins.


How to exercise your right of withdrawal:

If you meet the above conditions and wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must contact us at before using the subscription and before the expiry of the 14-day deadline for the first payment.


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