How do I change my payment information or method?

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It is currently not possible to change your payment details or the payment method on an ongoing subscription.

If you wish to use a new payment method, please follow this guide.

If you want to use a new payment method, such as switching from card payment to MobilePay, you can do so when your subscription is cancelled and has expired.

  1. Cancel your current subscription under 'Subscription' in your profile.

  2. Wait for your subscription to expire
    You can always see when your subscription expires after canceling it on your profile.

  3. When the subscription has expired, repurchase a subscription with the desired payment method
    You purchase a subscription again by clicking on 'Contact' in a housing ad.


Will I lose the content on my profile if I unsubscribe from my subscription and subscribe to a new one?

No, there is no impact on your user profile if you need to unsubscribe from your subscription to choose new payment information.

As long as you use the same profile, you will still have your profile and all its content – including messages, Search Agents, and listings – when you subscribe to a new plan on the same user.



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