Why do I have a reservation of 1 kr. on my bank account?

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When you make an online payment, many payment systems often place a small amount as a temporary authorization on your bank account.

This is an automatic function controlled by your card issuer and may occur if you have purchased a subscription with a MasterCard debit or a Visa Electron.

The amount, typically one krone, is a security measure that some banks or systems use to verify the validity of the payment card and account. So, it is not BoligPortal that has reserved or withdrawn money from your account, but merely a security measure based on your card or account type.

These funds are neither withdrawn nor paid but only reserved.

Once your purchase goes through, the authorization will disappear on its own after a while.


If you have any questions or concerns about authorizations on your account, it is recommended to contact your bank or card issuer for further information and guidance.



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