Should I create a lease agreement contract, or is an oral agreement enough?

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An oral agreement between tenant and landlord is legal and binding. However, while an oral agreement is valid, it can be difficult to prove in case of disputes between tenant and landlord.

Therefore, always ensure to establish a written contract using the standard rental contract, known as template type form A10. 

If either the tenant or the landlord wishes to create a written agreement, it is a requirement according to the Rent Act that a rental contract is established.


Fill out the contract online

You can use BoligPortal's free rental contract builder to fill out a written rental contract.
With the digital rental contract, you can: 

  • enter all information in type form A10
  • be guided to fill out all information correctly
  • sign via smartphone, tablet or computer
  • save and download the rental contract

Please note that the rental contract builder is completely free to use, and you can easily create rental contracts even if your property is not advertised through BoligPortal





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