Is the rental contract available in English?

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For a rental contract to be legally valid and binding in Denmark, it must be a Typeformular A10 rental contract, signed by all parties in the Danish version.

There is no official, legally valid version of the Typeformular A10 rental contract in English.

Therefore, BoligPortal's Free Digital Rental Contract, which you can freely use as a landlord on our platform, is always in Danish and is not offered in English.

Note: Since BoligPortal exclusively offers the Danish legally valid lease agreement, the tool for creation and administration is also only available in Danish, as reflected in this guide. If you need assistance with creating, filling out, or any other related tasks, you are always welcome to contact our customer service

What should I do if my tenant doesn't understand Danish?

If necessary, you can always attach an English version or translation of the rental contract so your tenant can read and understand what you both are signing. There are several English translations available that you can find through Google, but BoligPortal, unfortunately, does not provide one.

Important: If you attach an English version, it's essential that this is only an annex or attachment to the official Danish version, and the Danish Typeformular A10 is the one filled out and signed by all parties.

What should I do if the tenant doesn't have a Danish address or phone number?

In the rental contract, you need to enter various details about your tenant, including their current address. If the tenant doesn't have a Danish address or phone number, you can simply click on 'Lejer har ikke dansk adresse' (Tenant does not have a Danish address) under the 'Lejer' (Tenant) section in your rental contract template. Afterward, you can add the tenant's foreign address, including the country.

Klik på 'Lejer har ikke dansk adresse'.png

What should I do if the tenant doesn't have a Danish CPR number or MitID?

You can use and sign BoligPortal's free digital rental contract even if your tenant does not have a Danish Social Security (CPR) number or MitID (Danish digital identification signature) 

In the rental contract, you should only enter the tenant's CPR number if it is necessary, for example, when registering for a utility company. If your tenant does not have a Danish CPR number, you should select 'Lejer står selv for rettidig tilmelding' (Tenant is responsible for timely registration) when registering for electricity under the 'Forbrug' (Utilities) section.

Angiv, at lejer selv står for rettidig tilmelding til el.png

If the tenant does not have NemID, MitID, or BankID, you should simply choose the signature option 'Uden digital signatur (skriv under på skærmen)' (Without digital signature, sign on the screen) under 'Gennemse og færdiggør' (Review and complete).

Angiv, at kontrakten skal underskrives uden digital signatur.png


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