How do I list my property on BoligPortal?

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To rent out your property on BoligPortal, you need to follow a few steps to create a listing and make your property available to potential tenants.

Creating and advertising your rental property on BoligPortal is 100% free.

If you don't already have a profile on BoligPortal, you need to create an account.
To create a user profile, go to the top right corner of BoligPortal, click on Log in in the top right corner, then create a free user and enter your information.

Once you are logged in to your user account, you can follow the guide below.

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How to create a property listing on BoligPortal

  1. Start by clicking on Create + on the BoligPortal homepage
    A drop-down menu will then become visible.

  2. Click on Rent out now in the drop-down menu
    If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in to your user account or create a new user if you don't already have one.

  3. Click on the + Create rentable button or select an existing property from the list
    If you have previously listed a property on BoligPortal, it will be listed on this page.

    If you wish to reactivate and reuse a previous listing, find the property on the list and click on the address. Read more about how to reactivate listings here.

  4. Enter the address of your rental property in the address field
    Make sure to enter the correct and specific address, including the floor, door number, and similar details, to match the information in the Danish Building and Housing Register (BBR). Failure to do so may result in your listing not passing our internal validation process.

  5. Fill in the property type, area, and number of rooms, and click on Create 1 rentable

  6. Complete all the information about the property – including rent, move-in date, and amenities – and add pictures and text to the listing.

    Get info and helpful tips for each item here

    The better and more comprehensive information you provide in the listing, the more interest you will experience.


    Add pictures or a video to your listing - the more, the better. 

    Good daylight photos: For many tenants, good and comprehensive pictures are crucial in deciding whether to apply for the property. Therefore, we recommend adding bright pictures of all the rooms and exterior facilities. You can also easily add a video of the rental property.

    Floor plan provides an overview: It can be difficult to assess the size and layout of a property from pictures alone. That's why we recommend adding a floor plan of the property, preferably as the last picture. If you don't have an official floor plan, it's perfectly fine to add a hand-drawn sketch as a guide.

    Set primary picture: The pictures will appear in your listing in the same sequence as you add them here. Therefore, pay special attention to setting the best picture as the primary picture – the one that potential tenants see first. You can set the primary picture by clicking on the three dots next to the desired picture and selecting Primary picture.

    Angiv primært billede i annoncen.png


    Here you have the option to adjust the number of rooms you want to rent out, as you indicated in the previous step.


    Here you have the option to adjust the total area of your rental property, as you indicated in the previous step.

    Monthly rent

    Enter the monthly rent for the property, excluding utilities.


    Enter the estimated utility amount you want to charge in addition to the rent.

    What is utilities / aconto? Aconto means the tenant pays a monthly consumption amount based on expected usage. You must document the tenant's consumption to charge this amount.

    Remember accounting and adjustments: Each year, you need to reconcile the tenant's payments with the actual expenses and make any necessary adjustments. Any overpayment or surplus must be handled in the next payment or refunded. Adjustments to the aconto amount must be notified 6 weeks in advance.

    Aconto for room rental: If you are renting out a room without a separate meter, the utility consumption should be included in the rent.



    Enter the amount you want to charge the tenant as a economical security deposit for any expenses related to refurbishment upon moving out.

    Note: You may charge a maximum amount equivalent to 3 months' rent excluding utilities.
    For example, if the rent is 7,500 DKK excluding utilities, you can charge a maximum of 22,500 DKK as a deposit.

    By clicking on the fields 1 month's, 2 month's, or 3 month's, written in blue below the field, the system will automatically calculate the correct deposit amount for you.


    Prepaid rent

    Enter the amount you want to charge the tenant as prepaid rent - your security for payment during the termination period.

    Note: You may charge a maximum amount equivalent to 3 months' rent excluding utilities.
    For example, if the rent is 7,500 DKK excluding utilities, you can charge a maximum of 22,500 DKK as prepaid rent.

    The amount can be adjusted if the rent changes during the rental period.

    The tenant can choose to use the prepaid months as rent upon moving out or during the termination period.

    By clicking on the fields 1 month's, 2 month's, or 3 month's, written in blue below the field, the system will automatically calculate the correct prepaid rent for you.


    Move-in price

    This field is automatically filled when you enter the property's rent, utilities, deposit, and prepaid rent.

    The move-in price displays the total amount, including the first month's rent, that tenants must pay to you before moving in.


    Rental period

    Enter the desired rental period.

    In general, property rentals in Denmark are unlimited, unless there are specific exceptions such as fixed-term contracts or subletting.

    Note: In the case of a fixed-term lease, there must be a valid reason for this limitation. 


    Move-in date

    If you have a specific date when your property is available for move-in, please note or select that date on the calendar.

    If your property is vacant and ready for move-in, you can click on the field As soon as possible


    Energy rating

    Select the energy rating for the property here. If the energy rating label already exists with the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen), it will be automatically fetched and displayed in the field.

    You can find your property's energy rating here.

    Avoid fines: Since 2013, it has been a legal requirement for landlords to specify the energy rating in advertised rental properties in Denmark. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in significant fines.



    Tick the features or facilities that your rental property includes, such as if the property is senior-friendly or if there is an elevator in the building.

    Marked features generate more views: Many of our property seekers actively use filtering when searching for a property, so they only see the property listings that are relevant to them.

    This means that if you fail to indicate certain amenities, such as a balcony, in this field, your listing might not appear in the search results for those specifically interested in properties with balconies, even if your property has one.

    We strongly recommend checking the features of your rental property - even if you have also mentioned this information in the listing description.


    Elaborate in the listing text: You always have the option to specify your features in the listing description - for example, 'Furnished' could mean you leave your sofa and bed in the apartment, or 'Pet-friendly' might only include dogs under 4 kg.


    Write your desired title - the headline of your listing - here.

    Highlight the best of your property: Along with your primary listing picture, your title is the first thing that potential tenants see in their search results. Therefore, make an effort to write a title that stands out and is appealing.

    You can highlight some of the especially good features of your property in your title. If your property, for example, has a laundry unit, a great view, a new kitchen, or access to a cozy south-facing courtyard, these could be excellent points to emphasize in your headline.

    Avoid repetitions: When your property listing is on BoligPortal, the property's size, type, and square meters will be automatically displayed. Therefore, it's best to avoid repeating this information in your title.

    Your title will be shown below your property's basic information on the listing, as shown in the image below.


    Write a good and comprehensive listing description here.

    Similar to the listing title, the description of the property has a significant impact on the level of interest you will receive.

    Property seekers often have many questions, so the more information you provide in your description, the better.

    Elaborate on the property's features: Describe the property's special facilities - including those you have checked off earlier in the list - and add more details if needed.

    Highlight the positive aspects: If your property, for example, has a south-facing balcony, herringbone floors, built-in closets, or a dishwasher, these features can be particularly attractive to many property seekers.

    You can also describe the property's location to stand out - for instance, if your property is situated close to popular cultural sites, beautiful nature, or within a short distance to attractive educational institutions.


    Internal ID

    Here you have the option to add a journal number to your listing.

    A journal number is a unique identifier that you can use to organize and track your property listings. It can be useful, for example, if you have multiple properties for rent.

    The journal number is visible only to you as the advertiser and is not shared with property seekers or potential tenants. It is an internal reference that helps you manage your property listings more efficiently.



    Here you have the option to offer a digital viewing of your property.

    Digital viewing makes your property showing more flexible. It allows you to showcase the property through video, for example, via FaceTime or Skype.


    Contact options

    Specify how you wish to be contacted by interested property seekers.

    You can choose to be contacted either via BoligPortal's secure messaging system, by phone, or both.

    With BoligPortal's messaging system, it's easy and quick to keep track of your inquiries, communicate with potential tenants, and send standard messages, rejections, and mass messages.

    You can read more about BoligPortal's messaging system here.


    Free digital rental contract

    Here you have the option to let BoligPortal automatically generate a valid rental contract for your property.

    Read more about BoligPortal's digital tool for rental contracts here. If you prefer to create it yourself later, you can find a guide on how to create and complete the rental contract here.


  7. Complete the process by clicking on Submit
    You can always click Save as draft if you are not ready to rent out the property or if you need to return to the listing creation later.

    We recommend clicking Submit only when you have completed your property listing entirely, including any optional information you wish to add.

  8. Await approval  
    Once you have created your property listing, it will be in "Awaiting approval" status. This means your listing has been submitted for manual approval by BoligPortal's validation team to ensure it is filled out correctly and comprehensively.

    We approve listings continuously - both during the day and evening.

Note: The content on this page should not be considered as legal advice. 
If you require legal or financial assistance, you should consult with a qualified lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor.



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