How do I delete the pictures on my rental listing?

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You can easily delete pictures from your active listing.

Simply log in to your BoligPortal account in a browser and follow these steps.

How to delete pictures

  1. Click on 'Advertised rentables' in the blue menu on the left side of your BoligPortal profile

  2. Click on the address of the listing from which you want to remove pictures.
    You will be directed to a page where you can edit all the listing details.

  3. Find the picture you want to remove and click on the three vertical dots

    Click the three dots on the image you want to remve and click 'Remove image'.png

  4. Click on 'Remove image'


Note: If you do not upload a picture yourself, a Google Street View image will automatically be used. This can only be deleted if you add your own picture to the listing.



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