How do I register my tenant to an electricity plan in the move-in inspection?

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This is an article about BoligPortal's free service for conducting and managing moving inspection reports, which is currently available in Danish. Therefore, images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Danish. 

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When conducting a move-in inspection through BoligPortal for your new tenant, you can easily sign them up for an electricity agreement directly in the move-in inspection with just a few clicks.

This way, neither you nor your tenant have to sign up manually, saving you from administrative hassle, and your tenant ensures that there is electricity in the rental property from the day they move in.

Note: It's only allowed to sign up a tenant for an electricity agreement through the move-in inspection if the tenant wishes to do so. As a landlord, you cannot require this in connection with the move-in inspection. This service is designed solely as a way to make electricity sign-up easy for all parties involved.


How to enroll your tenant in an electricity agreement directly in the move-in inspection:

  1. Check that all tenant information is filled out correctly under the 'Lejeroplysninger' tab within the moving inspection
    This step is important as this information is forwarded to the electricity company to which you are registering the tenant.

  2. Then go to the 'Tilmelding: El' tab in the move-in inspection

  3. Now, choose the desired electricity supplier from the list
    You can learn more about each supplier by clicking on the 'Tilmeld →' tab next to each one. Registration will only take place when you complete the information and sign up for the agreement on this page, so you can safely click the button at this stage.
    Tilmelding til el.png

  4. The tenant must now fill out the registration form for the chosen supplier
    It must be the tenant themselves who completes the form. The landlord cannot fill out the form on behalf of the tenant, even if the tenant is not physically present at the moving inspection.
    Tilmeldingsformular til elaftale.png

    The tenant's contact information will already be filled out based on the information provided under the 'Lejeroplysninger' tab. Please double-check that all information is correct.

    Next, the tenant needs to provide their CPR number (Danish personal identification number).

    The tenant's CPR number is used solely for the registration of the chosen electricity agreement and will be forwarded and stored with the electricity provider in full compliance with applicable GDPR legislation.

  5. Finally, the tenant should confirm their choice by checking the box and clicking the 'Tilmeld' button

    Afterward, the move-in inspection can be concluded and signed by all parties, at which point the electricity agreement will automatically take effect upon move-in.



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