Why is the payment of the deposit missing from the payment summary in the rental contract?

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If the deposit amount is not visible in the payment summary in § 4 of the rental contract, it is likely due to different payment dates being specified for the deposit and the prepaid rent.


Example of a rental contract where the deposit is not seen in the payment overview   

In the 'Betalinger før indflytning' step of the rental contract builder, you must select a date for payment of the deposit as well as a date for the prepaid rent, one-time expenses, and the first month's rent.

If you: 


Regardless of whether the deposit amount is listed in the summary or not, all amounts must be paid by the tenant


If you choose the same date, all amounts will appear in the payment summary

In the example below, the same payment date has been specified for the deposit, prepaid rent, and other payments.

Lejekontraktbygger - ens datoer.png


In the finalized PDF rental contract - or in the preview of the rental contract - the deposit will be listed under 'Indbetaling'. 




If you choose different dates, the deposit will not appear in the summary

If you want the tenant to pay the deposit and prepaid rent on different dates, the deposit will not appear in the rental contract's payment summary.


Lejekontraktbygger - uens datoer.png


In this case, there will be a blank field next to 'Depositum' in the payment summary. However, this does not mean that the deposit does not need to be paid.

Instead, it is a separate payment because it is tied to a different payment date.


What payment date should I select?

As the landlord, you have the discretion to determine when you wish to receive payments from the tenant.

Typically, it is customary for payments to be made in two installments. The deposit is usually paid right after the tenant signs the rental contract, and all other amounts are paid right after moving in.








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